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KRYPTOFRANC(KYF) is a new currency dedicated to supporting human rights throughout the world.

Paris, France 03/07/2019:

The spirit of the French Revolution is alive and well with this new alt coin based on the Bitcoin Core launched by two French innovators.

“We believe the cause of human rights is under attack throughout the world with populist leaders trying to undermine both the rule of laws and restricting the freedom of expression of both the media and the people” explains Jean-Martial Lefranc who provided the seed financing for the project. “We want to leverage crypto to fight back”.

Hence the release of Kryptofranc on a new dedicated blockchain based on the Bitcoin Core 0.18. KYF is fully mineable using a Proof of Work algorithm.

Still beyond, its blockchain, KYF is building a “currency as social network” application through a voting system that will allow its community to assign every two weeks a dedicated donation in KryptoFranc to an individual or an organisation defending human rights causes.

In order to get the donation, you need to introduce your project on our website and the community will vote to assign a grant every fortnight.

“We decided to base Kryptofranc on the Bitcoin Core because it is the most professionally supported technology representing close to 70% of the total crypto capitalization. Kryptofranc is systematically updated to keep a total compatibility with the latest release of the Bitcoin Core, which includes SEGWIT, Lightning Network, and a myriad of security fixes” explains Nicolas Choukroun, CTO to Kryptofranc.

Two billion KYF have been pre-mined out of a potential total circulation of six billion coins. This pre-mined mass will be distributed to human rights causes over the next ten years through grants of a couple of million every two weeks.

“We believe that we can make a difference as KYF value takes off, the combined value of the grand may represent over 400 million USD over the next ten years.” Anticipates Jean-Martial Lefranc

Kryptofranc has not been conceived as a stablecoin, it is not a token or a smart contract, it is a true blockchain, decentralized and with its source code completely available at Github.

Beyond human rights causes, Kryptofranc intends to revive some of the anarchist and libertarian project that served as the foundation of the ideology behind Bitcoin.

Kryptofranc is now pursuing a limited private round of investment in order to fund the development of its voting platform.

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