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Why Kryptofranc?

This is a short video explaining all the point that should you make an investor trush our project. Kryptofranc is not just another. It has brain and heart: listen and watch!

What is KryptoFranc?


KryptoFranc (KYF) is a new cryptocurrency. Half the potential supply of KYF has been pre mined and will be donated over 10 years to charities dedicated to human rights and Earth preservation. KryptoFranc will be updated to insure permanent compatibility with Bitcoin Core. Donations will be decided by the community of KYF called upon to vote on the causes they intend to support. KryptoFranc will become money as a social network and leverage its speculative appeal to disperse wealth supporting good deeds.

Bitcoin Core with improvements

KryptoFranc is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. KryptoFranc is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances. Kryptofranc features faster transaction confirmation, quicker difficulty adjustment, smoother subsidy, and it is mining endlessly.

With some unique features.

- Max Circulating Supply: about 10 Billions.
- End of Mining: never, mine at infinity.
- New block target every: 2.5 min.
- Difficulty readjustment: every 10 blocks.
- Price target: 0.1789 BTC = 1 KYF.

- Rank target: in the 100 first crypto.
- Mining: about 2000 KYF per Block every 2.5 min .
- SHA256 minable with Asic, GPU and CPU .

The 'Popular'.

Kryptofranc will give to the NGO a new modern tool to collect donations. Investors are not only investing into a cryptocurrency, but they also give to the NGO who received our KYF more wealth. It is a win/win system where speculation generates money for the speculators and for the NGO at the same time. The more the KYF grows, the more the NGO are getting rich. The NGO are also helping the investor by giving to the KYF the popularity and notority needed to raise above the rest with all the buzz, the votes, the press releases and the emails sent by the NGO to their members. The KYF will become 'popular' because it reaches far beyond the small crypto/investors community.

The KryptoFranc proposes an adequate answer to these issues:

1- Charities can access our community without spending any resources.
2- Recruiting new community members does not require big marketing spending and more importantly, members can enter the community for free.
3- The donation voting system strongly engages the community who can decide which cause to support via a very transparent process.
4- The initial donation is made thanks to the money supply reserve without financial commitment from the community members.
5- Once the donation is confirmed, members of the community can choose to value it by buying KryptoFrancs on the market, thus consolidating its price and solvency for the selected charities.

For us, the key to success lies in the fact that the initial commitment is free. Besides, KryptoFranc donations are a way to engage not only hundreds millions of donors but also dozens millions of cryptocurrency investors and speculators.

Compare with others

Kryptofranc is designed to last, having all the features the best crypto have, and some unique that should drive it at the top of the crypto ranking... just be patient.

Crypto Mining SEGWITH Lightning Network True Blockchain Max Supply Current Supply Decentralized
 Kryptofranc(KYF) Infinite Yes Compatible Yes 10 Billions 3 Billions Yes
 Bitcoin (BTC) Limited Yes Yes Yes 21 Millions 17 Millions Yes
 Ethereum (ETH) No No No Yes 106,603,545 106,603,545 Yes
 Ripple (XRP) No No No No 100 Billions 45 Billions No
 Litecoin (LTC) Limited Yes No Yes 84 Millions 62 Millions Yes
 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Limited No No Yes 21 Millions 17 Millions Yes
 EOS (EOS) No No No No 1 Billion 920 Millions No
 Binance (BNB) No No No No 189,175,490 141,175,490 No
Jean Martial Lefranc

Entrepreneur, producer

Role: Marketing / Finance / Concept

Nicolas Choukroun

Programmer, Geek

Encyclopedia Gama
Role: Programmer wallet PC/Unix/MAC, Pool, Stratum, Mining.

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