How setup Kryptofran within an exchange?

The process is pretty much the same as installing Kryptofranc with a Pool.

1 - Compile the wallet from the source

Go to
Follow the instructions at Github and use our "./ unix" from inside the Kryptofranc directory to compile everything.
All the executables should be in /Kryptofranc/binaries/unix

2 - run the kyfd daemon

the kyfd daemon must be run with 2 command lines:
a) -deprecatedrpc=accounts
This command insure the compatibility with gethosttemplate. Most exchanges are running old wallets, but KYF is build from the latest Bitcoin core, so this command is important to insure the compatibility with Old Bitcoin core code.
b) - feedbackfee=0.00002
This make sure that the fees are calculated automatically and that when the pool sends the reward to each miners the transactions are created with enough fee to be accepted by the network. Without this option, the pool will not spread the rewards and shoot a bad fee error. This parameter can be removed if your system can caculate the feedback fees, or if the KYF blockchain has enough volume to estimate the fees by itself. In any doubt, keep this parameter it is your safety to insure that the transaction created will not be rejected because of a problem calculating the feedback fees.

3 - create a config file kryptofranc.conf

When you run first the daemon, it will create a kryptofranc.conf file located in /root/.kryptofranc just as Bitcoin is doing. This file is invisible normally, but it is there.
the content of the .conf file should be like this:

# default RPC port for KYF
# use what you think is best
# authorize at least your local IP
# onlynet=ipv4
# optionnal
#main pool
#jean martial
# second node
# this is the address to the blocknotify stratum bridge, it is specific to Yiimp
blocknotify=/var/stratum/blocknotify yourpooladdress:3333 1455 %s