KYF Blockchain information in real time: Blockchain Number of Blocks: 183893 | Blockchain Difficulty: 21554073.642156 | Blockchain Size on Disk: 99.07 MB | Blockchain Median Time: 07/06/2020 | Blockchain Number of Blocks: 183893 | Blockchain Difficulty: 21554073.642156 | Blockchain Size on Disk: 99.07 MB | Blockchain Median Time: 07/06/2020 |


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Windows 64 bits



Date: 5/27/2020
Size: 24 MB (25,301,938 bytes)
SHA-1: a5874ccc2fa1630294613b275a27f9cffaaf2a7e
MD5: c0ec49727e759295dfa2705da942719c
CRC32: 9f70a40e



Date: 5/27/2020
Size: 14 MB (15,613,801 bytes)
SHA-1: 886943b220816f9516694012254ed59b170551f8
MD5: 73c016b428791838e14c6f4d996ac3b6
CRC32: f16f18a2



Date: 5/27/2020
Size: 17 MB (18,050,816 bytes)
SHA-1: c4654681d8ec81113cceebe61112a6f0bb4d6d92
MD5: 0c0214ee2d39f7dda3c40f40e80bf334
CRC32: 05aea526

Unix 64 bits (Ubuntu)

For Linux it is best to compile Kryptofranc from Github.

if you want to have a wallet and trade KYF we suggest that you use one of our partners Exchange. For example
An exchange can be used as a Wallet, with greater security.

Version Log

Windows: v0.18.1.0-6fbac7f2a-dirty.May 27 2020
Unix: v0.18.1.0-6fbac7f2a-dirty.May 26 2020
  • Security enhancement.
  • Blockchain consolidation.
  • Removed the control over the mining. Now KYF is free to be minned by anyone with a SHA256 algo.
  • Removed the MAC version since now it has to be certified and it is a pita. Mac users can use the Exchanges wallets.

  • Windows: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 27 2019
    Unix: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 27 2019
    MAC: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 27 2019
  • Bug fixes.
  • Bug related to the 52000 block fixed
  • Incompatibilities with Bitcoin core latest version fixed.
  • SEGWIT bug blocking the tx in mempool fixed

  • Windows: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 17 2019
    Unix: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 17 2019
    MAC: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 17 2019
  • WARNING: Security upgrade.
  • Merged the new security Bitcoin Core release (0.18.1) with the Kryptofranc code
  • Full change log is here.
  • Updated the checkpoints.

  • Windows: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jul 25 2019
    Unix: v0.18.0.0-524c7a4c6-dirty.Jul 25 2019
    MAC: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jul 25 2019
  • Unix visual bug fixed, now the buttons have the same color on all the versions
  • Maintenance release. Updated the checkpoints.

  • Windows: Version: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jun 30 2019
    Unix: Version: v0.18.0.0-2c0aca0dd-dirty.Jun 30 2019
    MAC: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jul 1 2019
  • Fixed a bug in pow.cpp that was driving the difficulty between 0 to 1
  • All icons have been improved, this is specially visible in the PC/MAC version that were monochome, now they have some color.
  • Security upgrade with the Blockchain checkpoints updated until block 12,000.
  • Enhanced consistency visual between MAC/PC/Unix interface.

  • Windows: Version: v0.18.0.0-a474e2549-dirty.Jun 21 2019
    Unix: Version: v0.18.0.0-524c7a4c6-dirty.Jun 21 2019
    MAC: v0.18.0.0-a474e2549-dirty.Jun 21 2019
  • Fixed the version checking that was coded in RTF-8 and needed to be coded in ANSI in init.cpp
  • Added more checkpoints to match the current block height, to consolidate the blockchain.
  • Fixed the frames for the windows version in overviewpage.ui
  • Improved the general windows palette with slightly colored buttons and white background windows
  • Removed the time in the version, only kept the day/month/year
  • Changed "Satoshi" Client name with Nikkoid
  • Bug, fixed the Macro __APPLE__ to check the right version.

  • Date: 6/19/2019
    Initial Release.