Choose the download that fits your setup. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM ANOTHER LOCATION. The only reliable location is this one. Double check that you are at the real URL of this website ( any other localtion is a fake. Do not respond to any email asking you to download an update of your wallet, the wallet notify itself when a version change and we do not send mailings to your email! All the versions can be downloaded from Github and compiled, the source is here: Github.

Windows 64 bits

Windows wallet and Tools.


Date: 5/27/2020
Size: 24 MB (25,301,938 bytes)
SHA-1: a5874ccc2fa1630294613b275a27f9cffaaf2a7e
MD5: c0ec49727e759295dfa2705da942719c
CRC32: 9f70a40e

Windows wallet. Unzip and run.


Date: 5/27/2020
Size: 14 MB (15,613,801 bytes)
SHA-1: 886943b220816f9516694012254ed59b170551f8
MD5: 73c016b428791838e14c6f4d996ac3b6
CRC32: f16f18a2

Setup/installer click and install.


Date: 5/27/2020
Size: 17 MB (18,050,816 bytes)
SHA-1: c4654681d8ec81113cceebe61112a6f0bb4d6d92
MD5: 0c0214ee2d39f7dda3c40f40e80bf334
CRC32: 05aea526

Unix 64 bits (Ubuntu)

For Linux it is best to compile Kryptofranc from Github.

if you want to have a wallet and trade KYF we suggest that you use one of our partners Exchange. For example
An exchange can be used as a Wallet, with greater security.

Version Log

Windows: v0.18.1.0-6fbac7f2a-dirty.May 27 2020
Unix: v0.18.1.0-6fbac7f2a-dirty.May 26 2020
  • Security enhancement.
  • Blockchain consolidation.
  • Removed the control over the mining. Now KYF is free to be minned by anyone with a SHA256 algo.
  • Removed the MAC version since now it has to be certified and it is a pita. Mac users can use the Exchanges wallets.

  • Windows: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 27 2019
    Unix: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 27 2019
    MAC: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 27 2019
  • Bug fixes.
  • Bug related to the 52000 block fixed
  • Incompatibilities with Bitcoin core latest version fixed.
  • SEGWIT bug blocking the tx in mempool fixed

  • Windows: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 17 2019
    Unix: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 17 2019
    MAC: v0.18.1.0-93d3f48d6-dirty.Sep 17 2019
  • WARNING: Security upgrade.
  • Merged the new security Bitcoin Core release (0.18.1) with the Kryptofranc code
  • Full change log is here.
  • Updated the checkpoints.

  • Windows: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jul 25 2019
    Unix: v0.18.0.0-524c7a4c6-dirty.Jul 25 2019
    MAC: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jul 25 2019
  • Unix visual bug fixed, now the buttons have the same color on all the versions
  • Maintenance release. Updated the checkpoints.

  • Windows: Version: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jun 30 2019
    Unix: Version: v0.18.0.0-2c0aca0dd-dirty.Jun 30 2019
    MAC: v0.18.0.0-23ad1d99d-dirty.Jul 1 2019
  • Fixed a bug in pow.cpp that was driving the difficulty between 0 to 1
  • All icons have been improved, this is specially visible in the PC/MAC version that were monochome, now they have some color.
  • Security upgrade with the Blockchain checkpoints updated until block 12,000.
  • Enhanced consistency visual between MAC/PC/Unix interface.

  • Windows: Version: v0.18.0.0-a474e2549-dirty.Jun 21 2019
    Unix: Version: v0.18.0.0-524c7a4c6-dirty.Jun 21 2019
    MAC: v0.18.0.0-a474e2549-dirty.Jun 21 2019
  • Fixed the version checking that was coded in RTF-8 and needed to be coded in ANSI in init.cpp
  • Added more checkpoints to match the current block height, to consolidate the blockchain.
  • Fixed the frames for the windows version in overviewpage.ui
  • Improved the general windows palette with slightly colored buttons and white background windows
  • Removed the time in the version, only kept the day/month/year
  • Changed "Satoshi" Client name with Nikkoid
  • Bug, fixed the Macro __APPLE__ to check the right version.

  • Date: 6/19/2019
    Initial Release.