Buy Kryptofranc.

You can check the price and buy Kryptofranc at its current value of 0.005 EUR for 1 KYF. This chart show you how much the KYF is worth comparing with various top crypto. This can help you to decide when you want to buy KYF at the best value for the crypto you plan to use to buy. At the bottom of the page you can buy peer to peer, wallet to wallet. You will receive the KYF once we received your payment. There is no fees involved, no account to create, it is purely anonymous.

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Enter your KYF address to receive your KYF on your wallet.
1. Download the wallet.
2. Go into the 'console' and type 'getnewaddress'. This is showing one address to your wallet (starts with k).

Enter your KYF address where to receive your KYF

Click on the picture to process to the payment.