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The Blog of Krypto₣ranc

The Goal of Le Franc?

Publication: 2018-09-02 07:36:23

The purpose of bitFranc is to be accepted as a reserve currency by the French government. We believe that the financial system will experience a major crisis and that gold will not be able to save the euro in this scenario. Without cryptocurrency as a reserve currency, the eurozone will collapse into total chaos. When that happens, people will have nowhere to save their wealth other than cryptocurrency, it will be the only safe place. The French know the franc and bitFranc will be their alternative choice in case of financial collapse to replace the money. We believe that a country like France should have enough bitFranc to be able to print banknotes and coins from the cryptocurrency, which would be a sure measure to avoid a dramatic situation in case of failure of the missing euro cash to fuel the economy. We also believe that each country in the euro zone should have a double cash system, with notes in circulation in euros and in bitFranc, bitMark, bitLire, BitPesos etc ...


Publication: 2018-09-02 00:00:00

As explained in the previously, the bitFranc blockchain will not be the same as the one from bitCoin. We will issue 6.55 Billions of bitFranc between 1st January 2019 and 1st January 2022. This way we will match the French Central Bank capitalization. Then afterward we will have a deflationary coin generation that will reach a total of 20 Billions over 200 years. 2.5 Billions of bitFrancs will be pre-mined and shared between the authors of the bitFranc, and used to finance the maintenance and the future development. bitFranc must be well funded to continue its path and be supported on the long term.